Chapter 2.6 Smile Like You Mean It is out! Please have a look! 

Hi! Welcome to the Échappe Legacy! It’s my second Sims 3 pinstar legacy, so you get ten generations of a random family and their drama (and trust me there going to be a load of drama).

I’m currently on Generation 2; Andromeda Échappe.

I’ve had one, well two, legacy blogs before this one. There was the Myriad Legacy which I had to terminate due to game errors :(. There was also the Juno Legacy, which never really got to the published on the internet stage before I gave up on it. I don’t like to talk about it…

The family heir can be male or female and will be voted if there are siblings. I will be following an alphabetical naming scheme-thingy. I won’t be following any point system mainly because I can’t be bothered and would get lost to quickly but also the story sakes. So, I hope you enjoy my sims and their stories!

I apologise in advance for any bad jokes or references you don’t understand… I’m strange like that.

It starts Mary Aimee Winston-Amoit. She was born into a very rich family along with her twin brother Philip Henrie. Unfortuantly he died very young and years later she was pushed into marrying a rich, much older, business man Nick Alto. She ran away to Twinbrook and started her new life as Aimee Échappe. Click here to read from the beginning.

The second generation starts with Andromeda “Andy” Échappe. She grows up a happy and imaginative child who spends more time with her imaginary friends than with other children. But after a sudden tragedy she finds herself alone and lost in the world. Warning as this generation can be quite violent. Start here to read her story.